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Hi guys,
Since Christmas is coming and I'm in the mood of drawing, I've decided to open my commission list.
I know it's been a long time since I opened it (and I'm not sure if anyone is still reading this lol)..... so if anyone is still interested, feel free to pm or leave a comment below.

For more details of my commission price listing, click here :  Commission UpdateStarting from today, I will be accepting commissions :D
NEWS ARTICLE available here :
The reason why I started doing commission is so I could earn something for myself as a backup plan. I would be more than happy if you do support and help me in some way. Thank you for listening~ :heart:
Price updated :)
What I would draw:
- OC, Fanarts, Romance, Chibi.
What I won't draw:
- Mechanical stuff (eg. Robots, cars, guns, etc.) , Violence, Ecchi / Hentai, detailed background (this can change depending on what background do you want).
- I have the right to choose commissions.
- My artworks can NOT be use for commercial purposes.
:star:Traditional Media.:star:
Note: These artworks will NOT be coloured. It will be completed with pencil and shaded (depends).
Prices (ONE character):
Full body: $33
Waist-up: $28
Bust: $25
Chibi: $15

I have an idea of drawing some of my commissions on a postcard and send them to you for free. 
If you like your commissions to be on a postcard, the price may be slightly different than my commission price listing. And this will be in watercolor / lineart black and white drawings. Pm me with the title "Postcard commission" if anyone is interested xD
Hey guys!
Christmas is coming and after a whole long month working on this project, I can finally share this with you guys for the first time.
Here's a Christmas greeting 3d animation short film I have done with my team mates at the office. I hope you guys like it and share this greeting among your friends :D

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

To view concept arts and sketches, you can check it out here :D…
hey guys!
I know I haven't been updating much, but that doesn't mean I haven't been drawing much at all :)
When the time is right (when work isn't in the way) I shall upload them.

But other than that, THANK YOU for all the likes and comments and points O_O Some I haven't even checked in months so I totally appreciate it a lot. Thanks and hope you guys have a pleasant day~~ <3

March Features

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 3, 2013, 4:20 AM
Hey all~~
I want to share with you some of my favorite artists with you as well as some which were introduced to me in my previous post. Some I haven't even seen for a while now. It's nice to browse through their new works :D I won't be able to list them all here today so I will post more in my next blog update :)

Absolutely inspiring artworks <3

An Angel and the Elf by Frozen-song Sea Sickness by TahaAlasari :thumb336124915: Delirium by Plaguey Pan with Dolyak by iZonbi After the rain by AuroraWienhold Beauty In the Beast by JenniferHealy Is Your Sister In Love by ReadYourBook Kindness by AyameFataru The Boy and the bird by sweetmoon Where the Shadow Used to Fall by puimun Happy Valentine's Day 2013 by ahnline Monday to Friday (Revised) by shinjyu Somnus by kolaboy Guo Jia vs Sima Yi by hhhwei Cafe Brulee - COMMISSION by DreamworldStudio street game by HOON ::The world torn us:: by meisan jungle by spinDASH-   Commission: Tutso by dapper-owl Dirty Projectors at The Market by chibighibli Cosmic Love 06 by Nesskain adventure by dplanshet86 Blue Hair Beauty Commission by tagl Wonderland by ProdigyBombay When the time comes by okamix-2 Mind Web by IT-Hammar Steal-a-kiss-at-the-milk-aisle Fantasy by mair-ree-ann Fox by fresh4u

Also I just like to add on that I am available to accept commissions :)

February Features V.2

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 23, 2013, 7:47 PM
During my spare time, I have browse through some works on DA and think some of them deserves more attention. I enjoyed seeing a lot of different types of artworks no matter how complicated or simple it is <3
Some of these artworks here has less than 100 and even lower than 20 likes o_o It's time for everyone to take notice that there are a lot of unknown artists out there :D

Gatito y pajarito by Soul-Rokkuman :thumb354717717: ID2013 by edylisation:thumb354686744: who do you think you are ? Daedalus or Icarus? by ateist-kleranty:thumb354283339: Couverture detail 3 by CyrilBarreaux Angel of the city by Dark-Lioncourt people..... by didaJ A Song without Sound by nori942 rouse by Telemaniakk Being born by buta0309 A Reminder of the Past... by Artsy50 Hold me by lalalandofclouds Small Rhino Sketches by usma1000 under the purple shadow by GreatUFO Marry x-mas and happy new year by mawilda Sea Witch by Keira-Bui Fallen by Smolin Daybreak by Hikari129 Mama duck by redisoj:thumb277225520: The Penguin and the Apple by Endless-Ness Tatoo master by Kodomina 351 by Nigrita:thumb245186480: Krazy Kitchen - Roastbuta by DrawingNightmare postcard.7. by smokepaint daydream by dantoadityo mandala28 by hadas64 Glow Green by choppre In the memory of summer by BlackxHumour Pistol by paigehwarren town by jounetsunoakai Defektich by SweetGirl1401 Wearing Rainbow by DreamsCatchMe

Enjoy <3 Happy Sunday all :)

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February Features

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 17, 2013, 8:08 AM
Hi all~
In my previous entry ( a few previous entry, I was thinking of featuring some artist's beautiful works. I am hoping to feature more soon but for now, here are some selected ones that I think deserves to have a look at  and some recommended by others in my previous post <3

.Bed of roses. by BeckaNeeChan Sharon Apple Virtual Existence by bewildered Question Mark? by TheVioletFox Mini Mushroom Jar Earrings by Dabstar octomaid by Harpyqueen Dark Herest WIP by Silver-Sliver Light in the Darkness by SourAcid :thumb318242987: Zeros Scraper-Be My Valentine by Vi2DoubleYu Underworld Empire - Sin by WarrenLouw Cat + Bird + Leaf Bug by bobschuler Tiger by quidames unattainable by jelly-fishie :thumb336651848: Red all night long by alterlier Juego de Nagas by LucyMeryChan ...:::ImMoRtAl:::... by RoUgEmIe Doves Nest / Nido de Tortolas by Daniel-Fontanini Watch, Wait by toujin Bleeding T by MattiasA Little things by Kattvalk Time Flower by nastardch :thumb335829855: Arabian Night by Toro-ro :thumb216040616: lotuses by Metttko The Book with leaves by gildbookbinders Slipping Halo by lalalandofclouds Winter by digitaladagio

Enjoy everyone and share the love :heart:

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Update Commission after February 14.

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 3, 2013, 7:22 AM

Hi guys,
Just letting you know I will be updating my commission and commission price list after Valentine's Day.

Also for those who wants to know more information on my handmade book commission price, I will be updating after February 14 too.

Traditional Artwork Commission by shirua
Handmade book Commission Open by shirua

So if you want to make a commission request before I update, please check my Valentine's Day Commission Information here:…

Thanks for taking your time to read this :)

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Kiriban Attack ! [ Winner!]

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 27, 2013, 7:38 PM

It's that time again everyone. Wow it's been almost 2 years since my last kiriban attack in September 2011. That just shows how un- active I was since I started work lol.
This year I'm gonna try to be more active than the previous years *determines*

Anyhow, my next kiriban number would be...

Due to my work time schedule, I can only give out one prize to the first person who gets the kiriban.
The prize will be...
One character bust shot ;)
Kiriban 22,222 - Kimir-Ra by shirua The Cloak Within by shirua Com: Kasai by shirua Art Trade: Yu by shirua Farewell by shirua

Remember to send a ScreenShot of my pageviews when you get it :D

No pageview- jackers please. Thanks :)

Edit: And our winner is....
:iconvelcake: !
Congratulations :D

Thank you  everyone who participate :D

:heart:Previous kiriban winner:
11,111 pageviews caught by :iconxiraus:
22,222 pageviews caught by :iconkimir-ra::iconarna::iconcottoncandystar:
33,333 pageviews caught by :iconfading-memories:
44,444 pageviews caught by :icongppr: :iconpeteyxkid:

Valentine's Day commission OPEN

Sun Jan 13, 2013, 7:52 AM
Hi all~
I'm in the mood for love and I'll be accepting commission starting from today.
If you are thinking of giving / sending something to your love one, you may consider the following types of commission I'm offering now :D

Types of commission:


I am now in the mood to start drawing traditional work and digital work.

Types of illustration I offer:
:star: Digital Illustration (LineArt and Full CG Artwork)
:star: Traditional Art

For price listing, please refer here:…

For couple drawings, I will usually charge for additional characters.

Starting from today till Valentine's Day,  I will offer 50% discount price for all additional cahracters.  New price are:

All Additional characters:
Full body: $10 $5
Waist-up: $8 $4
Bust: $7 $3
Chibi: $5 $2

[Offer : Limited Time only]

Handmade book

Thinking of compiling pictures of your love ones together? I am available to create a handmade book specially for you to put them all together.
I can also create a journal / sketchbook for your love one who love to draw and paint as well.

I will use fabric designs for the book cover with simple designs (example quotations or fonts)

You may send me reference and information on how you like me to make your book.

The price depends on the material. However here is the average price for each book sizes:
:star: A4 : USD 27-  USD 37
:star: A5 : USD 15 - USD 18
:star: A6 : USD 10 - USD 15
:star: Anything smaller than A6  : USD 5 - USD 15 (I could make tiny couple keychains. This is as small as I could go ;) For the keychains I will offer 2 for the price of one.)

*Prices excludes shipping fees.

Samples of my Handmade books :

If you see any Ready made Handmade book that you're interested, please pm me and I will send you the details (availability and quotation)
Or you can purchase some of them on Etsy now :D :…

Illustration and Handmade book

There are two types I could offer for this section:
:star:One illustration and One Hand made book

Price : Illustration (10% discount ) + Hand made book price + free shipping

:star:Commissioned illustration drawn on Handmade Book cover. This one only applies for traditional artwork.

Price : Illustration  (10% discount) + Hand made book price + free shipping

For the people who wants to commission me for illustration and handmade book will receive a little gift from me as well.

Method of paying.
- Paypal.

Please note me through DA to commission, with your
- Informations (i.e. email address)
- What would you like me to draw? (Please provide me reference, this is very important :))
- Do you want it Digital, Traditional or Handmade book?

Thank you :D

Current update :

List of commissioners
1 )  :iconmorfin1925: <Paid>

List of Ready made Handmade Book Buyers
2) :iconhecalledmebaby: < Paid >

List of Handmade book commissioners

How are you?

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 10, 2013, 11:33 PM

Hi all
Just thought of updating my journal XD How are you guys doing btw?
I know I"m exhausted despite the fact I tried sleeping longer but I still wake up earlier than expected -_-

Also, I'm thinking of featuring some artist on my next journal. If you have any you would like to share with me, feel free to add a comment below :)

Have a great day everyone!


Free Handbound book GIVEAWAY [Winner]

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 21, 2012, 2:52 AM
I have announced the winner's name on facebook :

For those of you from DeviantArt who had participate, thank you so much ! I was really surprised of the numbers of shares and likes on my image and I would really like to organize another free giveaway book some time again in the future. So keep a watch out on my facebook page. Of course I will give all of you a heads up from here too ;)

Also, the results for The Young Illustrators Award is out. I didn't make it, however even though I'm disappointed, I would like to try again for next year XD I'm definitely looking forward to see the 30 nominee's works that will be exhibited in Berlin next year. Hope they will published their works online. I can't afford to fly to Berlin ;_;

Once again, thank you so much everyone and hope you had a fantastic Christmas <3

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Young Illustrators Awards 2012

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 30, 2012, 4:50 AM
I finally submitted my recent work to the Young Illustrators Awards 2012. (…)
This is my first time actually participating in a contest like this and I am really excited to see the artworks that will be selected.
I had actually used up all my savings which I earned from commissioning (a big thank you for those who had commissioned me before this!) and hope for the best :D
I'm not expecting to win anything from this but if my works do get recognized I would be thrilled.

Also, thank you for all the likes and wonderful comments on my artwork. I absolutely appreciate it and will reply to your comments soon.
I've been drawing this artwork last night so right now I'm feeling exhausted after coming back from work and all.
Enjoy and have a great day all~~! :D

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Hey all!

I know I haven't been around lately but I had been busy at work most of the time.
However these few days I am slightly free (since it's not peak season) and I was contacted by a friend's company to put my hand drawn/handmade books as consignment in their shop this Christmas. I promised to provide them at least 20 books.

Currently I have been working on it during the weekends and I still have about 2 more weeks till I get all 20 books done.  I only have 8 done so far.

Anyhow,  if you're interested to see what books I have been making you can check it out here on my facebook page :…

Also I am selling some of them on Etsy. You can check out my works here :

Hope you have a great weekend all.
Hi all,
As you all know I've been learning on book binding and have been making a handful of books. I am planning to sell them as I have been making a lot of them and I'm still doing it :)

Every book is made with care and selected books comes with a mini keychain. I will be posting more pictures of them here within this week.

Also I have open an account on Etsy. I haven't used this before but I'm just trying it out. You can check it out here.…

I will probably post more on it too :D

If you know anyone who might be interested to purchase them, please let them know about my website and books :) I hope to be able to find a good owner for each of my books.

Enjoy your week everyone :)

Shirua's target for 2012

Gonna see if I could set a target to have at least :

:bulletgreen:1 commission a month
:bulletgreen:1 artwork a month for you guys to enjoy :)

Right now I'm OPEN for this month's commission.

Just letting you know I'm not available for digital drawings, currently only traditional media (my only excuse to bring art to work with me XD)

Here's the details for my Traditional Media artworks:


:star:Traditional Media.:star:
Note: These artworks will NOT be coloured. It will be completed with pencil and shaded.
Prices (ONE character):
Full body: $20
Waist-up: $15
Bust: $10
Chibi: $7


For more information on my commissions, please click the link below :)…

You can also check out my traditional media artworks here or in my gallery on the left side << :D…

For those who are interested please note me. However do feel free to email me at if I do not reply your note :)


Mini Monthly commission list
:star: December commission 01 : :iconfading-memories:  - PAID (Done…)


:star: January commission 02 : -
:star: February commission 03 : -
:star: March commission 04 : -

:star: April commission 05 :
:iconnirelleth: - PAID (Done…)
:iconslinky4444: - Cancelled

:star: May commission 06 :

Busy and thank you for the DD :)

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 23, 2011, 1:51 AM

It's steppin' time!

First off thank you so much for all your comment and condolences :)

I had been really busy at work recently so I won't be able to reply all your msg at one go but just want to thank you guys first here! :D

It came to me as a surprise when I decided to come back and check my DA last night and found out one of my artworks received a Daily Deviation. O_O

Virgo Loves Libra by shirua

Thanks :iconsweetychan: for suggesting my work and also :iconkit-y: for featuring it :)

It's my 2nd DD since last year 2010 when I started out drawing again and being really active on Deviantart :) Been really unactive for almost 3- 4 years that time >.< You will notice it when you scan through my old works :)

My first Daily Deviation suggested by :iconreirei18: and featured by :icondamaged927: Thank you guys again :)
Holding on by shirua


Coming Soon

Rest in Peace

Sat Oct 15, 2011, 9:04 PM
Looks like this week I won't be able to upload much until the next night shift week. My grandmother has recently pass away last Wednesday and I've been away since then.

Just got back home last night and it was really tiring. Even though it was a sad event but I'm glad that I get to see my relatives which I had not been able to talk or keep in touch for a long time.

I kinda thought my grandmother was blessed in a way because of how our family grew from children all the way to great grandchildren. She manage to be with all of us until her last day.

She looks really peaceful sleeping in her coffin and I know it won't be the last time I'll see her. May she rest in peace.

She will be missed and will not be forgotten.

Night shift again

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 8, 2011, 4:14 AM

Thank You :)

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 25, 2011, 5:21 PM
Hi guys
Just wanna say thank you for all the fave and response to my poll :D
I recently bought a box of faber-castell colour pencils and decided to try learning how to colour but at the moment I'm still trying to work on it >.<

I will get back to all your messages later on :) Not feeling so well today and had work to focus on >.<

Thanks again!

And here' I'm gonna share my latest simple artwork designs of Lil Sweet Tooth which I had to do for my sister with you all.

Lil Sweet Tooth by shirua

Enjoy :)

Kiriban Attack is back (Caught!)

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 13, 2011, 10:38 PM
Hi all~

I just noticed that it's almost time for the next kiriban :D
It's been ages so not sure how many people would noticed or want to catch it :X

If you guys had been following me, you'll probably be able to guess what's the next kiriban number already :D

It is.......

:star: 44,444 :star:

Kiriban prize
A traditional artwork done by me, two character bust shot :D
Example :
Wanting you by shirua Purple by shirua

If the kiriban hits it's number before Saturday morning, 16th September 2011, 12:00am, GST Time, I will also throw in a bookmark(designed for you) send to your home address :)

Don't put high hopes on this though, I'm not exactly sure on how to create a bookmark myself and what you'll received would be one of the first bookmarks I'll ever make >.<

Also apparently there's some pageview-jackers around DA o_O  So ummm no pageview-jackers please. Let's do this fair and square 8D

Remember to send a ScreenShot of my pageviews when you get it :D
If you manage to catch the kiriban before Saturday morning, 16th September 2011, 12:00am GST time, please send a screenshot of the time as well.

You can use this website GST time as a reference:…

Edit on 19th September 2011 </u>

Kiriban 44,444 is caught by 2 people this time o_O.....


Congrats! And thank you for keeping update with my page and work progress :heart:

:heart:Previous kiriban winner:
11,111 pageviews caught by :iconxiraus:
22,222 pageviews caught by :iconkimir-ra::iconarna::iconcottoncandystar:
33,333 pageviews caught by :iconfading-memories:

Night Shift

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 11, 2011, 9:48 PM
This week I'm working on night shift from my company so hopefully I'll be able to upload more drawings / updates :3

Had been drawing something since last night so hopefully I'll be able to complete it before work today. :)